2 in 1 whisk

2 in 1 whisk incorporates two essential whisks in one stylish design. The product gives you the benefit of both the classic balloon whisk and the flat whisk. Both functions complement each other well. The material is LFGB approved and is heat-resistant up to 120˚C. No harmful materials are released under normal cooking condition or during whisking.

Mix with aeration

2 in 1 whisk performs as a highly effective balloon whisk, allowing egg whites to be whipped to your perfection. It enhances aeration during whisking while you could use another side to scrape the bottom of the bowl.

Stirring sauces

The flat whisk is uniquely suited to stirring in shallow pans such as skillet. It can be used to reach to the edges of pan and also used as a scraper to scrap off any residue. The elastic texture of the material prevents scratching to the cookware.