Bake & Serve

Designed with functionality and style. Bake & Serve allows you to put baking from oven to dining table by single plate. Patented design of springform also avoids leaking of mixtures to appliances. You are able to take the most hot, fresh and intact baking in front to your family and friends

Porcelain Base

Porcelain Base is oven-safe(i.e. Up to 230 degree celcius) and stylish enough to be put on Dining Table as well. Central Platform make your cake outstanding on table. Pitch surrounded the platform prevents ingredients from dropping outside the plate. It is also dishwasher safe for your convenience.


Springform is made of cold-rolled steel. With the patented buckle outside, the cake is able to be held well in order to achieve perfect circle shape. Chance of leakage is also reduced because the edge of the springform is put closely to the base by the elastic force.