Meister - Cheese Knife

Cheese Knife
Steinhofel Meister_Hanger Box

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The story takes it beginning in Berlin. The two partners of the Murken Hansen design company were given the task, together with selected inspirators and advisors, to do a collection of kitchen knives: “Go develop a knife with functionalities to fit the demands of a professional chef but also the style and design feeling to accommodate the modern global consumer.” The team of designers, cooks and engineers joined together as a think tank and laboratory in the beautiful countryside of the German village Steinhöfel.

Item No :

KINM0006D - Cheese knife

Size :

Blade : 12cm


Material : 

Blade : German Steel 1.4028

Handle : Polyoxymethylene with S/S End Cap

Thickness :

1.7mm -0.2mm

Edge :

Taper Grinding


50 +/- 2

Color :


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