The special design of cookies cutter relative the soft grip made of Silicone: The silicone cover on the upward edge allows user to press comfortably. It also guides users to cut cookies via downward edge only which is supposed to be the only part with contact to food. Hygiene concern is further reduced.

Stainless Steel Cutting Edge

Material is rust-proof and durable. Shape of each cutter is able to be maintained for long time. The height is 1-inch which is deep enough for you to make various range of cookies.

Tin Box


Tin Box with different themes are available for your choices. People are able to share the festival joy to other in Christmas, Ester, Holloween, Wedding, Birthday and whenever. Colorful Tin Box also allows people to store well and treat it as festival gift. Shape of each cutter is embossed on the box body for user to place cutters back into the box easily.