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We all know how to peel hard-boiled eggs like a pro. But before you can make a fresh egg white omelet, angel food cake, or meringue, you're going to need to master the art of separating egg yolks and egg whites. There's always those cartons of egg whites in the dairy aisle, but then you won't have any of those lovely yolks for a homemade mayonnaise or a chocolate mousse.

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Diswasher Safe

Product Story

After the egg has been cracked into a bowl the gadget, which works like a pipette, sucks up the yolk into a wide-mouthed plastic nozzle when the rubber top is squeezed.It then holds the yolk safely until the cook is ready to use it, when with another squeeze of the top it plops it back out in one piece.

Product Specs

Item No :

KIG-P001-W - Egg de yolker

Size :

26.8 x 6.9cm

Material : 

Silicone / MS

Lab Test Stardand :

LFGB Standard 

Color :

Black & White / Yellow & White

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