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The story takes it beginning in Berlin. The two partners of the Murken Hansen design company were given the task, together with selected inspirators and advisors, to do a collection of kitchen knives: “Go develop a knife with functionalities to fit the demands of a professional chef but also the style and design feeling to accommodate the modern global consumer.” The team of designers, cooks and engineers joined together as a think tank and laboratory in the beautiful countryside of the German village Steinhöfel. In this culinary heart of Germany and away from everyday business, they took their time to investigate and discuss the basic functions of cooking and cooking tools with the goal to develop something truly special. A perfect mix of functionality and style. One of the most innovative outcome of this creative session is the two knife series of Steinhöfel - The Steinhöfel Profi and Meister series.


Developed and designed in Germany by a top creative team - lead by the designers Hauke Murken and Sven Hansen - with a single focus on optimal function and style.

German Steel

German believes nothing good & durable would come out while raw material is mediocre. Therefore, the best German steel is chosen as the blade of Meister and honed via advanced technology.

The 'O' in Steinhöfel

It’s the small things that often creates the biggest impact. The dent on the side is unique for the Steinhöfel knives. The trick is to put your thumb right on the dent and you will naturally have a perfect grip. Add a slight thumb pressure on the dent to secure a sturdy grip and a good balance point.

The Steinhöfel family is on an exciting journey. Starting just with the basic knives in the Meister series. However, because of the instant success it quickly expanded to a larger series that covered what most retailers would need for a wide assortment.

We understand hand-feeling is critical for a good knife while it connect the existence of the blade to the brain. In order to enhance your performance, we put additional weight at the end of the handle in order to achieve balance of your force being put.


See it - Take it

As it happens in many families, a younger sibling arrived: Steinhöfe Profi. An entry-level knife series targeting at a different crowd. Different materials are used but many of the same key features is kept.