we understand retail


Homeasy has many years of experience assisting our retail customers deliver the best proposition at retail. Our knowledge and experience have given us an in-depth understanding of the consumers within our product categories.


We think and act like retailers. We understand and are aware of the competitive marketplace in which the retailers encounter today. The market environment is more challenging than ever, retailers are facing direct competitions from the traditional distribution channels as well as from on-line shops worldwide. To assist retailers to stay ahead of the competition, our extensive product development programs will allow retailers to have new proposition which is not those ‘me too’ products but something that is creative and different to what is out there in the current markets.


There’s no investment in product development and tooling on your part. We are equipped to work with a very tight NPD and the production is in accordance to your product specifications, target pricing and shipping windows. We regularly work with buyers to deliver a total product package encompassing a complete range. This experience allows us to supply multiple retailers with the right products within the right retail price bracket and at the same time keep each retailer different in their product assortment.